International students of Preparatory Department have opportunity to have intensive language training studying English and/or Ukrainian languages during two semesters (one academic year). The main goal of the Preparatory Department is to provide language training so that it becomes a communication means and instrument for acquiring the future specialty. In case the students have elementary language knowledge they take a placement test to study in a group of students with a similar level.

After students have chosen the future speciality they can apply for the language training in specific academic areas:

– liberal arts;

– economics;

– technologies;

– medicine.

Training is provided by the highly qualified faculty.

International students meeting the requirements of the curriculum receive the state-recognized certificate, leading to entering Ukrainian-American Concordia University or any other higher educational establishment of Ukraine.

The Preparatory Department pays much attention to the students needs: studies, academic and out-of-class activities, students life issues, integration with students from different countries, taking into consideration national peculiarities, religion, culture, ethics and habits.

Information on individual education plans for international students of the preparatory department entering Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcordiaUA) during academic/calendar year and regulations for their tuition fees payment:

Admission of individuals to study at the university is carried out on the basis of a contract.

The student’s academic year at the preparatory department consists of two semesters with a total cost of 31,800 (thirty-one thousand eight hundred) hryvnias.

During a semester a student studies 5 courses (subjects). The course (subject) consists of 45 class hours, and it is expected that while studying this subject, the student works independently for 90 hours. Thus, the total student load for one semester is equal to 225 class hours and 450 hours of independent work.

Subject to the successful completion of the full term of study – two semesters, 450 academic hours – students receive a Certificate on the completion of the Preparatory Department program at ConcordiaUA.

The tuition fee for both semesters (complete Preparatory Department program) is paid to the university bank account before or when the contract is signed. In exceptional cases, for the existence of objective, valid reasons, the university administration may allow payment in the following way: the first payment – not less than 50% of the total cost of the program should be paid to the university bank account before or when the contract is signed, and the remaining part – no later than on the 105th calendar day (the last calendar day of the 15-week term) from the day of signing the contract.

In case of untimely payment, the student is expelled from the university with the cancellation of the student registration of the State Immigration Service of Ukraine.

Students studying at UACU can terminate their studies at the university:

– voluntarily;

– for failure to fulfill the curriculum;

– for violation of contract terms;

– for violation of discipline;

– for missing classes or interruption of training without valid reason;

– in other cases stipulated by the laws.

Students studying at the university may interrupt their studies due to valid circumstances (for health reasons, a call for temporary military service in case of loss of the right to postpone it, study or internship in educational and scientific institutions of foreign states, etc.) if valid supporting documents are provided.

Students should notify the university administration in writing of the intention to discontinue learning due to valid circumstances or at the request of students for other reasons, with a mandatory application, explaining the reasons for and the timing of the interruption of the studies and the necessary supporting documents.

The decision on the possibility of interrupting the student’s studies, the reason and the term of the break in the study is taken by the administration of UACU and fixed by the relevant order.

If the student fails to submit the aforementioned application and supporting documents prior to the leave and, consequently, violates the academic schedule, his/her contract will be terminated and the student will be expelled.

Academic leave is granted to students who, with the permission of the administration, interrupted their studies at the university.

Students who have missed classes for valid reasons are required to provide justification documents to UACU administration.