Issuing the invitation to study and entry visa

To submit an invitation to study at the KNLU, an applicant must submit a selection committee for foreign citizens to study at the KNLU: • a copy of the foreign passport (photo page), translated into Ukrainian by a Ukrainian notary; • a copy of the education document with grades (scores), translated into Ukrainian by a Ukrainian notary; • written consent to the processing of personal data. In case of documents submission, a representative of the student must issue a notarized power of attorney to receive an invitation. Within five working days, the entrance examination board will define the applicant's ability to study and, in the case of a positive response, will issue an invitation. When submitting all the above documents to the entrance examination board for study at the KNLU, the applicant or his / her representative must indicate the country in which he / she will receive a student visa. Upon receipt of the invitation to study, the applicant or his representative must pay visa support, which is 324 UAH. with VAT. Visa support can be paid at any bank in Ukraine. To obtain a visa for study in Ukraine, an applicant must apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in the country for a visa to study with an invitation to study from the KNLU and all necessary documents as required by the Embassy. Issuing the entry visa is about one month long, so in order to receive an invitation to study, you must submit the entrance examination board for foreign citizens to study at the KNLU the above documents no later than two months before the start of classes. After receiving the "D" visa for study, the applicant's representative who will meet him, must be obliged to inform the Department of Slavic Philology of the date of arrival of the applicant to Kiev and the flight number in person, providing a photo of the relevant invitation and your passport.