Step 1. Obtaining the visa and legalization of the education certificates When you receive the invitation, you should add it to the package of documents required to obtain the visa. You have to get a long-term student's visa of D type ("the purpose of coming to Ukraine - education"). It will allow you, after entering, to get a Certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine during the period of study (which will entitle you to stay in Ukraine longer than 90 days).To get a D visa you should submit documents according to the list available at the Embassy site to the Consulate of Ukraine in your country. Be sure to add the original of the "Invitation to study" to this list. Besides, please, pay attention to the fact that before you address the consulate, your documents certifying your previous education must be officially legalized in the way established in your country (the Ministry of Education + the Ministry of Foreign Affairs + the Embassy).Step 2. Arrival Please, let us know the date and place of your arrival in advance (at least three days prior). We need this time to inform Ukrainian State Center for International Education (SCIE) and the Border Service of Ukraine about your arrival. Our representative will meet you at the airport or at any other point of your arrival. Step 3. Entering For bachelor and master programs the documents are accepted and the interviews are held from July 1 annually and from December 1 annually. The students are enrolled not later than on December 15 and April 15. Foreigners personally submit applications to enter the university and indicate the department, specialty, form and language of the study and other documents as pointed in the Admission rules for foreigners who applies to KrNU. Step 4 After entering 1) You should pay your attention that you have must to obtain temporary residence permit before your visa will be expiry. 2) After entering KrNU you should send the documents, being the basis for your enrollment, to "Information-Image Center" for the procedure of the validation of foreign studies and degrees (i.e. they must be officially recognized in Ukraine). It is necessary for our university in order to have a rights to give you out a diploma after the termination of the study. Submission of documents for validation Validation takes the first year of study. But you should start during 1st term. 3) Besides, after the first year of study the student will undergo an independent assessment of the knowledge of the language of the study. You have must visit the State Independent Evaluating Center in order to proof that your language skills are enough for study.