To enter the university, a foreigner personally submits an application to the Admissions Office in paper form. The foreigner adds to the statement: 1) the original and a copy of the passport document of the foreigner or the document certifying the stateless person; 2) the original and a copy of the document on previous education; 3) the original and a copy of the document (appendix to the document on education), which contains information about its success in academic disciplines; 4) academic certificate issued by a foreign / Ukrainian educational institution (in case of transfer or renewal to study, starting from the second year, an academic certificate is attached); 5) a medical certificate of health, certified by the official health authority of the country from which the Customer arrived, and issued no later than two months before leaving for study in Ukraine; 5) a valid health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine; 7) 12 photos measuring 3.5 x 4.5 mm (on matte paper). The documents specified in subparagraphs 1 - 4 must be translated into Ukrainian with a notarized translation, the documents referred to in subparagraphs 2 -3 must be with an apostille. Education documents issued by educational institutions of other countries undergo the procedure of recognition in Ukraine in accordance with the legislation (nostrification).