The organization of the work of the preparatory department for foreign citizens is in accordance with the tasks of language training of foreigners for admission to the 1st year of higher education institutions. Every year at the preparatory department we teach about 100 students in groups of 15 people. Studying  is conducted by highly qualified teachers who speak English, French and Chinese. Studying is divided into three main profiles: economic, medical and technical. The following disciplines are obligatory for all students: Ukrainian and Russian languages, mathematics, basics of computer science. According to the chosen profile, the basics of economics, chemistry, biology, physics, drawings are additionally studied. Students who successfully pass all exams and tests receive a certificate of completion of the preparatory department. Our preparatory department for foreign nationals is distinguished among others by an incredibly friendly team of teachers and students, always ready to help and help new students to adapt more quickly to the country. In order to make learning and language training the most effective and interesting, we provide training for our students not only by textbook. Language practices are also held when visiting various museums, theaters, circuses, planetariums, even shopping with a teacher in a bookstore. Such events not only unite students, but also acquaint them with our city, public transport, city infrastructure. All this makes the life of a foreign student in our country as comfortable, informative and interesting as possible.