ONAZ membership in international organizations:

Currently, ONAZ is a member of the following international organizations:

1.International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - since 2008
2.International Standing Conference of Telecommunication Rectors

University (Academy - Depository University) .- since 2008

3.Grand Charter of Universities - since 2008
4.“European HD RadioAlliance) - since 2008.
5.ONAZ International Alumni Association.

Also, a number of ONAZ scientists on an individual basis are members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE - Institute of Electrical
 and Electronics Engineers).
In 2019 at ONAZ them. O.S. Popov opened a student department IEEE.
As part of the department O.S. Popov Odessa national academy of telecommunications IEEE Student Branch
includes staff and students of the Institute of Radio, Television and Information Security.
  1. Student Branch Chair: Sergey Siden
  2. Vice-chair: Petro Dutka
  3. Secretary & Treasure: Svetlana Kiyko
Student members:
Eugene Gordishevsky, Roman Fokin,Olesya Humenna, Andrey Tikhonov,Oleg Donchenko, Rostislav Bikov, Gleb Berezhny,Elizabeth Tertychna, Ilya Kobzar.