Foreigners personally submit to the Banking University the following documents:
  1. a completed application form;
  2. document (original and its copy) on previously acquired educational (educational qualification) level,;
  3. supplement (original and its copy) to document on previously acquired educational (educational qualification) level, that is to be considered for admission (if available);
  4. academic record issued by foreign / Ukrainian educational institution (academic record is added in case of a transfer or renewal for education, starting from the second year);
  5. original and copy of the document, which contains information about the content of the curriculum for the previous degree (level) of higher education, completed credits, duration of training and grade list on covered subjects for admission to obtain a Master's degree or post - graduate education;
  6. copy of the passport of a foreigner or stateless person certificate;
  7. health insurance policy, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine;
  8. 8 photos sized 30 x 40 mm;
  9. a copy of a certificate of foreign Ukrainian;
  10. research proposal on the chosen scientific specialty or list of scientific publications and inventions in Ukrainian or English, duly certified at the place of work / study, are additionally submitted for admission to post - graduate education;
For admission to Doctoral studies the following documents in Ukrainian or English are additionally submitted: REQUIREMENTS FOR DOCUMENTS The documents referred to in sub-paragraphs 2 - 6 of this paragraph must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized; The documents referred to in sub-paragraphs 2 - 5 of this paragraph must be certified in the country of issue in the established order that is officially used in this country for such certification, and legalized by the respective foreign institution of Ukraine, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine. Procedure of Recognition of educational documents Educational documents of foreigners, registered as students, issued by educational institutions of other states are subjects to Recognition Procedure in Ukraine according to the legislation. Based on the results of Recognition Procedure educational institution allows the foreigner to continue his/ her studies from the level corresponding to the results of the Recognition Procedure or expels the foreigner.In case of inauthenticity of submitted document on acquired educational level, the educational institution expels the foreigner. More about the procedure for recognition of educational documents in Ukraine >>>