Documents required for Admission: foreign citizens have to submit the following documents:
  1. Completed application form.
  2. A copy of the document of education with the list of studied courses (subjects) and received grades (points) – high secondary school diploma and transcripts or college/university diploma and transcripts.
  3. A copy of the passport.
  4. The medical certificate of the state of health certified by an official health care authority of a country, where a foreigner has come from, and issued at least two months prior to the entrance into Ukraine for education.
  5. The document evidencing the absence of HIV-infection, unless otherwise for by international agreements of Ukraine.
  6. The insurance policy for emergency medical care (except for foreigners arrived from countries, with which agreements on free provision of emergency medical care are concluded).
  7. A copy of the birth certificate.
  8. 6 photographs having the size of 6×4 cm.
  9. Original and a copy of the document, which contains information about the content of the curriculum by previous higher education level, credits received, length of study and academic achievement (in the absence of this information in the annex to the educational document), when applying for master's degree or postgraduate education, if the lack of this information makes it impossible to carry out the recognition of qualification on the document.
  10. Air ticket valid for one year with an open date for the applicant’s return to his/her home country.
The above mentioned documents must be in the English, Ukrainian or Russian languages, and documents № 2, 4, 5, 7 shall, in addition, be certified pursuant to the legislation of a country of their origin and legalized pursuant to the established order, unless otherwise provided for by international agreements of Ukraine.