Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine “Bukovinian State Medical University” provides training for foreign nationals to enroll in a medical field that corresponds to the specialties that students at the university will study, and will provide more adapted training for future students. The main tasks of the preparatory department of foreigners are: - language training in volumes sufficient for the first year of studying in higher educational institutions in Ukraine. An extremely important requirement is the formation of a minimum necessary lexical stock and professional (depending on the chosen specialty) terms in the foreign language, that is the core of successful study; - systematization of knowledge acquired by foreigners at home and raising them up to the level of requirements of general secondary education in Ukraine. The prior directions of pre-university preparation are: - language training, which consists of the study of the state language and its transformation into further studying of general and specialty subjects; - accelerated adaptation of foreigners to the conditions of remaining in Ukraine; - building respect for Ukraine, its history, culture and traditions; - guidance work, determining the direction and specialty for further education; The total planned number of trainees is 120. Duration of study - 1 year on the basis of complete general secondary education. Preparation of foreign citizens for admission to higher educational institutions will be carried out at the expense of individuals and legal entities (by individual agreements concluded with the University).