DELIVERY OF THE INVITATION LETTER As a rule invitation letters are sent by express delivery service at applicant's expense. For this purpose exact post address, phone/fax number of the applicant are required. Thanks to courier service the invitation letter will be received by the applicant in 3-5 days. On getting the invitation letter foreign applicants have to apply to the nearest Ukrainian Embassy in their or neighbour country to obtain “Student Visa”. To apply for “Student Visa” one must have the original  invitation  letter and original  legalized  documents required for admission. ARRIVAL TO UKRAINE Before travelling to Ukraine applicants have to inform the Department of International Relations about the exact date, time and way of arrival (plane, train etc.), as each applicant can be met by an official University representative or by a representative of Ukrainian  State  Center  for  International  Education.  Meeting procedure requires a special “Letter for meeting” which is sent to the Immigration  Service.  After  arriving  to  Ukraine,  passing  the entrance tests at BSMU, signing the contract for study and paying the full tuition and accommodation fees, a student will be registered in the Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.