1. The invitationsof the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to a foreign citizen for studies are issued by higher education institutions.
  2. To receive an invitation, a foreign national must send scanned copies (in *.jpeg format) of the following documents to corischnu@gmail.com to the Educational-Scientific Center “Institute of International Education”: a) the completed application form; b) the first page of the foreign passport, as well as the translation of the first page of the foreign passport into Ukrainian; c) document on prior education with grades (points) and information on the system of knowledge assessment, according to which the grades are presented in the document (translated into Ukrainian); d)completed written consent to the processing of personal data.
  3. In case of a positive decision of the University Admissions Committee, the process of making the Invitation takes place.
  4. The term of making the invitation shall be at least 3 working days.
  5. Before receiving the Invitation, the Applicant must pay the cost of the invitation form - 40 UAH and visa support in the amount of 324,00 UAH (prices are indicated without a fee). Visa support is the official confirmation of the registration of the“Invitation to Studies”. Without visa support, the consul does not accept a foreigner's document to open a type D student visa.
  6. Invitations Foreign entrants can receive: a) personally abroad; b) personally on the territory of Ukraine; c) by mail.
  7. Validity period of the Invitation is 6 months (from the date of assignment of the invitation number).