To receive an Invitation to Study, you must send to the University's email address, the copies electronically following documents:

  1. passport document of a foreigner;
  2. document on prior education with grades (points) and information on the system of knowledge assessment, according to which the grades are presented in the document;
  3. written consent to the processing of personal data;
  4. application form.

Scanned copies or photos must be made qualitatively.

If the education document is not duplicated in English, - it is necessary to submit a translation of the document on the education received of a foreign citizen. Necessarily to check the expiration date of the passport, it shouldn’t expire before the end of the course (valid for at least 1 year). You must ensure that all documents (certificates, official translations, insurance policies and others, your Last Name-First Name must coincide)

Before receiving the Invitation, the Applicant must pay the cost of the visa support provided by the authorized state enterprise "Ukrainian State Center for International Education". Visa support is the official confirmation of the registration of theinvitation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Without visa support, the consul does not accept a foreigner's document to open a type D student visa.

Before your coming to Embassy/Consulate you must pay (648UAH – 23$) for Information support from Ukrainian State Center for International Education. By this link you can choose any of the following types of payment for the services offered by the Ukrainian State Center for International Education (visa support):

After paying for visa support, you need to send a copy of the receipt to email:,

The original invitation is sent to the foreigner or his / her authorized person for registration of the foreigner's entry to Ukraine for the purpose of study.