Pre-language study PRE - LANGUAGE COURSES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Foreign citizens, who do not speak Ukrainian, will be enrolled for the pre–language courses at Preparatory Department, and must submit the documents from July to November.

Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens is a division of Educational and Research Centre for International Education at DonNU. This department conducts studies and issues certificates for entering DonNU or other higher educational establishments of Ukraine in accordance with curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens trains international students in the Ukrainian language and provides additional preparation for their future study programs at the universities of Ukraine. Preparation faculty (since 2015 – Educational and Research Centre for International Education) has been training international students since 1973. For this period about 10000 students from 100 countries have been taught at this department. The preparatory courses are conducted by the staff with wide experience in teaching international students from different countries and regions. The classes normally start on October 1 and last 8-10 months. There is approximately one week of holidays. Students are under training five times a week and take 6-8 academic hours per day. The pre – language courses include classes in Ukrainian and general theoretical education (in mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, computer science, etc.). There are following pre - language courses: ✓       Ukrainian for Academic Purposes is a 10-month language and academic   pre - language courses for those who will subsequently pursue a university degree at a Ukrainian university. The objective of the course is to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of international students through learning the Ukrainian language in connection with other subjects. Each class has its own specific program. The range of subjects depends on the field of the future university study: Students sit for a language exam as well as exams in academic disciplines at the end of pre - language courses. After passing exams international students are awarded a certificate on completion of training on pre - language courses at Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens. It enables foreign students to continue education at Ukrainian universities. For additional information about Pre-Language courses for International Students at DonNU, please contact us at: studyin@donnu.