Enrollment of foreign citizens to study at the PSMU at the appropriate level of higher education is based on the results of entrance examinations in Biology, Ukrainian or foreign languages and on the basis of academic rights to study provided by the document on the level of education in the country of origin, taking into account the right to continue education at the next level of higher education in accordance with the legislation of the country that issued the document on the degree (level) of education. Applicants who wish to enter the PSMU must have a sufficient level of knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, language of instruction (Ukrainian or English, at the choice of the applicant). The certificate of secondary education must contain information about the scores in chemistry, physics, biology, obtained in high school. Entrance examinations in biology, Ukrainian or a foreign language are conducted according to the program of secondary education institutions, so foreigners who have completed secondary education should not have problems preparing for admission. The procedure for evaluating the results of entrance examinations is determined by the programs in the relevant competitive subjects. The languages of the educational process for foreigners are Ukrainian and English. To prepare for the exams, candidates for study can get acquainted with the programs of entrance examinations on the website of the University at: https://vstup.umsa.edu.ua/top-info/programa-vstupnih-viprobuvan-dlya-inozemnih-gromadyan The terms of the entrance examinations are determined by the order of the Rector of PSMU and published at the official website of the PSMU. In case of insufficient level of training, there is an opportunity to improve knowledge by taking preparatory courses at the Educational and Research Center for Foreign Citizens Training.