Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ukrainian State Center for International Education

Ltd "Dnipro Medical Institute of Traditional and Non Traditional Medicine"

Ownership: Privat

Ownership: Privat

Agents with whom the HEA cooperates

LTD Nest Academy

49000, V.Vernadsky street 13, Dnipro, Ukraine (factual address)
Tel.: (+38) 093-333-20-22

LLC Eduservice

49000, Knyazia Volodymyra Velykoho st, 24/46, Dnipro, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38) 063-186-99-99

LLC World Education
49040, Soborna sq., 6, Dnipro, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38)093-007-11-15

LLC Dnipro International Center For Education

49107 Velykolutska str. 64, Dnipro, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38)0 63-172-17-46