THE AREAS OF ACTIVITIES: • implementing curricula and educational programmes of the Preparatory Department; • registering documents of foreign citizens who have arrived to study at the Academy; • familirising international students with the realities of the Ukrainian way of life, with the regulations of international student education in Ukraine, regulations of residence and travelling on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the internal code of conduct at the Academy; • preparing foreign citizens for admission to institutions of higher education of Ukraine: a) organization of language training of international students throughout the period of study at the Academy in accordance with current curricula and programmes; b) cultural and linguistic adaptation of foreign citizens to the conditions of studying at institutions of higher education of Ukraine; • research, educational, methodical, and cultural activities; • execution of government contracts, international agreements and contracts for training foreign citizens for admission to institutions of higher education of Ukraine; • ensuring passport and visa registration of foreign citizens, organizing health care and accident insurance, registration of certificates upon graduating from the Preparatory Department; • training of scientific and pedagogical staff, advanced training and professional development of teachers for international students; • shaping knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure further successful study in Ukraine; • creating all the necessary conditions for a quick adjustment to the new educational and cultural environment and socio-cultural space of modern Ukraine.