The organization of the work of the preparatory department for foreign citizens of the Educational and Scientific Institute for the Training of Foreign Citizens is carried out in accordance with the tasks of the language training of foreigners to enable them to enter  the 1st year of higher educational institutions. Over the thirty-year history of thepreparatory department, the applicants from 49 countries of the world have been its citizens.  The admission of the year 2017-2018  turned to be a record - 221 students. The field of the education is the medical and biological. Training of foreign citizens takes 2 semesters, each of them finishes with a test and examination session. In accordance with the approved Working Curriculum, more than two thirds of the entire study time is devoted to language training. But the study of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, the basics of computer science and computer technology, country studies is also aimed primarily at mastering the scientific style of speech. Students, who successfully passed all the exams and tests, receive a certificate confirming the completion of the course of the preparatory department for international applicants and stateless persons. It gives the right to enter the first year of higher educational institutions without entrance exams. The preparatory department for foreign citizens offers its applicants interesting and useful extra-curricular knowledge, which also contributes to the development of speech competencies of foreign citizens, helps to make first steps in science, facilitates adaptation of applicants to the social and cultural conditions in Ukraine. As, for example, the Scientific conference for the students of the preparatory department "International communication: talking and learning" is held annually, when each student has the opportunity to present his scientific visions. The applicants have a chance to take part in similar conferences at other universities in the city. Annually, days commemorated to certain sciences are held, these are a set of events that clearly demonstrate specific features of the sciences studied (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics). Each of the academic groups visit scientific  institutions and museums, where they get acquainted with the achievements in the field of a certain science (Landau Center, the KhNMU Museum of Anatomy, the Museum of Nature, etc.), the also go to see the sights of the Kharkov region, the best museums and theaters. Every year at the preparatory department for foreign citizens organizes (for example, mini-football matches).