Invitations are issued to foreigners in respect of whom the educational institution gives consent for admission to obtain the appropriate degree of higher education, master's degree, at the preparatory department. The invitation is valid for six months from the date of its issuance. The original of the received invitation is the basis for applying to the relevant Embassy / Consular Office of Ukraine in the country of origin or residence of the foreigner for the purpose of applying for a study visa in Ukraine. The educational institution that invited the foreigner to study provides timely information to the authorized state enterprise, the relevant body of state border protection on the details of the arrival of the invited foreigner in Ukraine (date of arrival, flight number of the vehicle), and provides information about the person authorized by the educational institution. meeting of a foreigner and his / her escort from the checkpoint across the state border of Ukraine to the educational institution, with obligatory indication of the surname, name and patronymic of such person and passport data and data of operative contact communication.