The Invitation for Study is valid 90 days from the very same date it was issued. During this period of time you  shall request the Embassy of Ukraine or the Visa Application Centre to provide you the “D-13“ visa type. The applicant shall reach the university for educational process not late than a month before the visa expiration date. Once you have received the visa, you shall inform the University which had issued the Invitation for Study via e-mail about the flight number and exact day of your arrival into Ukraine (airtickets) to organize your meeting at the airport not less than 5 working days before the date of arrival. Upon arrival at the airport to pass through the Customs Control, a foreign citizen must have: 1) passport with a visa type "D-13"; 2) original Invitation for Study at the IFNTUNG; 3) money in the amount of not less than $ 3,000 (three thousand) US dollars in cash or on a card to confirm their financial solvency to pay for tuition and accommodation in the IFNTUNG dormitory; 4) to know the purpose of arrival in Ukraine. If at least one of the above points is not fulfilled, the foreign citizen will not be admitted to enter the territory of Ukraine by border control.