All foreign entrants who come to Ukraine to study must receive an "Invitation to Study" from the University in order to be able to obtain a student visa. The invitation must meet all the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to this document. To register the Invitation to study at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Odessa National University of Technology provides the following personal documents of the candidate to the Ukrainian State Center for International Education: In order to receive an invitation for study, a candidate must submit the following documents: A foreign citizen or stateless person may receive an invitation for study personally from the Director of the Center for International Activities, by e-mail or through a business entity with which he or she has a relevant agreement with ONUT. Persons who speak Ukrainian or Russian form the consent in this language, but who do not speak these languages, consent in English. The completed signature form with the personal signature of the candidate is scanned and e-mailed to the entrepreneur with whom he has entered into the agreement. After receiving the invitation for study and visa "D", the foreigner informs the University or the business entity about the time and place of crossing the border of Ukraine to arrange a meeting and escort of the candidate to ONUT.